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Centro Garnde A quick step by step to get advanced Gui (so you can BLOCK WEBSITES and DO MUCH MORE)

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A quick step by step to get advanced Gui  (so you can block website and DO MUCH MORE)

I have a centro grande ……..Pirelli BBS…… Model number V226N1W on swisscom  (win7 vista and xp)


  1. You need to connect to the router with telnet software I used putty I downloaded ……..For windows on intel x86 (PuTTY)  ……  putty.exe........…download it here 
  2. No need to install putty it runs from the EXE so run EXE
  3. Put the IP of your router into the Host Name box (most routers ip is
  4. Connection type.   TELNET
  5. Click. OPEN
  6. Type in your username.             admin
  7. Then your routers password.
  8. You will see the words.             OpenRG>            appear
  9. Type.            conf set wbm/admin_wbm a25B06c81   
  10. Hit the return key
  11. Type.            system reboot     (This will Restart your router)  
  12. Hit the return key
  13. Allow time for reboot
  14.  Open your web brower

Now you have the advanced GUI  next to BLOCK those websites


  1. Goto.        ( will give you basic Gui add   /admin.html gets you into the advanced)
  2. Login
  3. Left hand side click on.           SECURITY
  4. Click on.               WEBSITE RESTRICTIONS .          tab
  5. Then click on the green + (to add websites)
  6. Type in the name of a website you want to block like..... 
  7. Local Host set to ANY unless you only want the website blocked for a single PC then select the PC from the drop down that you want to block from that site.
  8. Click.          OK
  9. Click.      APPLY
  10. Logout

A lot of the advertising crap that fills up your pc with tracker cookies comes from   

Block these and it saves your antivirus having to kill them

You may think you don’t go to these site but they advertise on all popular site like Eg  msn, youtube

And that’s when the trackers get you.

And the added advantage on youtube most of the time it will skip the ads and play the video.


Thanks to TuxOne for helping me